Friends Visiting Uni

One of the most nerve racking things for me is introducing new friends to old ones. When I went to Uni I was so upset to be leaving my friends at home, I was nervous that I would lose contact with people at home.

Something that I have had to learn to accept is that life is very different from school. In everyday life you don’t see your friends everyday walking down a corridor or sitting at the back of maths lesson. This is a horrible thing to have to think about it but it doesn’t mean that the friendships have to change.

This feeling is the same when you start Uni, you have to accept that you won’t see people from home all that time as you are living in a different place. However, I would advise you to be careful when bringing friends to Uni from home. Consider how they will get along with the new friends you have made and how they will feel towards your lifestyle that you have created for yourself.

I personally have been really lucky when friends have come to visit, as they have got on really well with the new friends I have made. However, I have heard stories where it has been a disaster and I think you just need to make sure that you introduce them in the best environment.

Make sure you have settled in first and made some new friends at uni rather than focusing on friends from home. If you are staying at home for uni this is even more important that you make friends at uni too and your friends will understand this.

Try and introduce your friends if you want to but also understand that you can have separate friends from home and from uni and they should both understand that.

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