Doctor Talk

Hey all, hope you’re enjoying the last few days of July. This month has gone by so quickly!

One of the most important things you need to look after at Uni is your health. You’ll have moments where you get caught out and you either get a cold off your classmates or people in your Halls, or you’ll just find that you have some kind of health issue and it’d be a struggle to get in touch with your doctor back home. So, a lot of students change their GP to the one in the town their Uni is located in. This is what I did and it’s been really useful. If you live fairly close to Ormskirk, such as living in Liverpool or Southport, you might want to just stick with the same GP, because it’s only a bus/train away and then you definitely have the same doctor and the same doctor for holidays away from Edge Hill. But if you don’t live close, I really suggest you do sign up to a GP in Ormskirk.

In the Freshers’ Fayre last year, one of the stalls was the Beacon Primary Care stall- a local GP and the one I’m with. I think there’s also a GP called the Ormskirk Medical Practice, and possibly another GP in the town but if you google this you’ll find out which one you might want to go with. Beacon are the GP that the University usually suggests, and like I said they were at the Freshers’ Fayre, which made signing with them really easy. There were people there with an online form so you can sign up straight away, which was a comfort, and also people to ask questions if you had any. One of the great things about Beacon is that they have paired up with the Uni to create specific Student services- there is a house called Milton House just outside of the Ruff Lane exit of the Uni, literally a 5 minute walk from the centre of campus, and you can book appointments to see someone if you can’t make it into town, which is perfect for if you need to fit it around your studies or you’re just feeling too bad to go far away from your Halls. As this GP also caters to all people living in Ormskirk, they also have times that are for Students ONLY, which is great!

In the end the choice is yours, but I really suggest you get a more local GP for whilst you’re at Uni, since you’ll probably be spending more than half the year in Ormskirk. You might say “oh I don’t get sick often or have problems often I’ll just risk it” but it’s way better to be safe than sorry. I ended up going to the GP about 3 times as often as I did at home, and that’s not particularly because I was at Uni, sometimes you just get caught out by things. But if you’re unwell, it can affect both your studies and your social life, so you really need to take care of your health.

One thing you might want to check before coming to Uni is if you need any vaccinations. Last year there was a cry out for students to get the Meningitis vaccination as there was an outburst, and being in an environment where there are many young people living together can sometimes mean you catch things like this easier, so please check to see if you also need this vaccination or any others, so we can keep you and everyone healthy and happy!

Click here to be taken to the Beacon Primary Care website, and I hope you have a wonderful end to your July!

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