Results Day Survival Kit

1) alarm clock – results are usually released around 7am. I was lucky enough to have mine emailed to me but some schools prefer you to go in to collect results. Set your alarm so you can be prepared to collect results or view them online without the stress of being late or unorganised.

2) tissues – whether you are happy or sad tissues are a must. There are a lot of emotions on results day ranging from excitement/disappointment about results, the realisation of getting into university and potentially moving away and the overall need to celebrate getting through A-Levels.

3) number for UCAS – in my previous blog I spoke about clearing and how for some students getting into university isn’t as straightforward as it is for others. Keep the number for the clearing service to hand and keep ringing, it is a busy day for them and remember you can contact your university directly also so keep their contact details handy.

4) notebook – for me I tried to contain my excitement for university until after I had received my results. Once I knew I had gotten into Edge Hill and I was definitely going there I bought a notebook to record important dates, contact numbers and any information about my course. It’s also a useful place to keep your correspondence together to take out when you need it.

5) keep checking UCAS – in some cases your offer may change before you receive your results or may still change even if your results are not what you were hoping for. Make sure you wait for your offers to change on ucas before ringing the clearing the service or university.
And most of all stay calm. It is a very stressful day with many changes being thrown at you in a short space of time. Remember if you don’t get your results it isn’t the end of your journey to university there is the clearing service and the option to repeat your studies or add to your qualifications before trying again the year after.

Good Luck!

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