What to Expect on Welcome Sunday

What is “Welcome Sunday”? I hear you ask. Well, It’s none other than the first day of the rest of your lives (scary stuff, I know!). This is the day that everyone moves into halls and gets to know the uni and the people in it. I’m going to tell you a little bit about how my welcome Sunday went, all the way back in 2014. Hopefully this will give you a bit of an idea of what to expect.


The first thing I did was register. We were given allocated times to come based on our names, if I remember correctly my slot was some time around midday. This is the part where I received my unicard with the most (least) flattering picture ever on it. My unicard gave me access to all sorts on campus, from my building (via a swipe card system) to the library loans system. I later made the mistake of accidentally damaging my card and having to pay £10 to get it replaced. Keep them safe!

Moving in and meeting flatmates

Then came the time for me and my mum – the only two people who could fit in our car – to lug all my possessions into my first floor flat. Luckily the campus staff were on hand to help and transported us and all my stuff on a golf cart. They aren’t half helpful. I also got to meet some of my flatmates at this point, we were able to chat whilst unpacking all our kitchen things and our parents found a lot to talk about too.

Course introduction

After settling in and saying goodbye to my mum, I met up with a few friends I had made during the summer residential and headed to the business building for our course introduction. It was a really casual set up where you could talk to staff and they would explain the course and what you can expect to be doing. It was a great introduction to my studies and took some of the pressure off my first week of lectures.


In the evening the SU held a welcome party and of course I was going! I pre-drank with my flatmates which was great way of getting to know them, especially after a good game of Never Have I Ever. We then headed to the Su bar where I also found some of my residential friends and we party’d on. Well, until I got tired and headed by to my flat for a well needed rest – believe me, I needed it!

Until next time! 🙂

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