My first Summer away from Edge Hill

Hey all, hope you’re having a great day!

This is my first Summer away from Edge Hill and I’ve found it to be completely different to when I’ve had Summer breaks from college or high school for a variety of reasons.

Yes, I miss the campus, the course and my friends, but it’s also a well-earned break from the hard work of my first year. Having lived on campus and had quite a busy week most weeks, not only because of my course, coursework writing and rehearsals, but because of the extra things like the aerial lessons I did. Although I spent a year performing and doing what I love the most, and enjoying every second of it, since coming home for Summer I have had a lot more time to relax. I have been taking performance opportunities where possible though to keep developing my skills as a performer and to work towards my career too, which is a great way to spend your Summers away from Uni.

Of course, it’s nice to spend more time with your family too. If you’re not living in Halls or a house in Ormskirk you might not get as homesick as if you would, as you’ll still see your family everyday. But if you do live away, you don’t have them to help you with everyday things like you do at home, and because it’s a long period of time you do get homesick. Summer is a great chance to spend some quality time with the people you don’t get to see when at Uni.

So there are definitely things that I’d take advantage of whilst off for Summer, and things I’ve definitely found from this first experience. Firstly, take some time for yourself. This may be a change after your first Uni year, but it’s needed to keep yourself energetic, ready for the next year and happy. It’s also just nice to have that time to yourself, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of it! Secondly, balance that out with some fun things, and some stuff that can benefit you in your skill sets. Whether that’s taking on a part time job in your chosen field or even not in the field, just for some work experience, or maybe even auditioning for a local theatre show, just go out there and find something that’ll make you look back at your Summer away from Edge Hill and say “yeah, that was worth it”. Thirdly, see the people you don’t often see! Don’t isolate yourself, cause you’ll just start to miss you Uni friends. Take the opportunity to see your old high school or college friends, or other members of your family. Go out for food and enjoy people’s company.

All in all, both being at Uni and Summer can both be fun, full of experience and exciting, but it’s what you make of it. So take as many experiences as you can!

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