Smooth Transitions!

So I am doing this blog today to give you some tips for a smooth transition between living with Parents to living on your own at uni! It is hard moving to uni to adjust to being completely independent, doing whatever you want whenever you want!

An important part of moving out is making sure all your finances are in order, so knowing what money you have and when you’ll have it. Money is an important thing as how will you buy food (if nothing else!) and buy the things you want?! You wont! So budgeting your money, knowing how much you have to spend per week is a great idea!

You will also have to budget for things like laundry money for your clean clothes, the facilities on campus allow you to top up a card so you don’t have to worry about having the correct change to hand.

Some students find part-time jobs in order to finance their expenditures at uni, if you already have a job at home it is worth asking questions such as can you work during the holidays when you’re at home? Also if you work for a franchise, there maybe procedures on moving to another branch temporarily…. it’s worth an ask! If not there are plenty of jobs in Ormskirk, I have friends who got their jobs by simply handing their CV to different businesses. I also have friends that work for the University, I know that occasionally they advertise these roles on the careers website and at freshers fair, so again… ASK!

On the contrary it is also hard adjusting to moving back home after having the independence of living away, so it would definitely be useful to speak to family members about both of your expectations and come to a compromise. This way all parties are happy and know what is expected, I learnt the hard way but now after toing and froing umpteen times I now know where I stand! (better late than never!).

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