So it’s July, that means it’s only 59 days (TWO MONTHS!) until you move into halls, it’s such an exciting time!

But before then you have results day and if you’re not already counting…. that’s only 27 days away! Summer is such an exciting time, and hopefully you’re enjoying the sun and gathering the essentials that you’ll need for Summer!

For me, my countdowns are nearly over! I have already graduated meaning game over! I can only wish to be in your shoes and give you the best advice I can, which is… enjoy the roller coaster life of uni! I however am now counting down to my new job, starting on the 1st September! I am really excited and cannot wait to embark on my new career! Some people may believe that uni is a place to come if you want to simply mess around and delay the adult responsibilities!

However two days are rarely the same, which may seem hard to believe, but let me explain! You will undoubtedly be learning about different things throughout your time at uni. Yes, somethings may overlap and lead on from one another however you will constantly be learning and progressing your learning. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everything you’ve learnt, so making sure you’re organised is extremely important, especially when it comes to assignments and exams.

You become so much more responsible for yourself in terms of living, taking ownership of your work and overall just becoming a better person. You make new friends, tutors and routines that you feel comfortable with. Uni is an amazing experience and I would advise that the people who have the opportunity to go… do! You get an amazing education at Edge Hill from some fantastic tutors meaning your confident going into your career from the word go!

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