Results Day, UCAS and Clearing

For most people results day is a happy day where you get what you were hoping for and make it into your first choice university. For some though results day bring stress and worry, either through not getting the results you had hoped for or having second thoughts about your university of choice.

Getting different results does not mean that you are not going to university. It just means that you may need to take an alternative approach to get into university. UCAS offers a service called clearing. Clearing allows you to access courses that have spaces left across a range of universities after the release of results, this ensures that universities fill their courses and gives you a second chance to find a place at a university.

Firstly if you have to enter clearing take your time, don’t rush. Think about what you want to do and look at some other courses and universities that may appeal to you and your interests.

Once you have thought about this you can search the database, this will be listed as ‘Clearing 2017’ and will allow you to search all available vacancies. If you see something that interests you, I would recommend ringing the university and speaking to them directly about it to find out more, if you make a good impression they may offer you a place verbally over the phone.

Once you have been given an offer either by ringing the university or through clearing your offer will update through UCAS track and you will be able to accept or decline. You can speak to as many universities as you like but you can only add one clearing choice at a time so make sure it is the one that you want to accept.

In some cases however there may not be an alternative option and you may wish to wait a year and reapply to your first choice university. In this time you may wish to undertake extra training, resit an exam or complete some volunteering to improve your chances of getting into university the following year.


Exam results helpline: 08081008000

Advice on how to call universities:

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