How to be a Fresher

Hey all, hope you’re having a wonderful Summer and enjoying the warm weather when it’s happening!

In only a couple of months it’ll be Freshers’ Welcome Week at Edge Hill. This is the week that you should definitely take advantage of as a new student, as not only do you get to know the campus and your course, but you get to go to some awesome events and get some really cool student offers!

I’m going to split Freshers’ week into day and night, as there are different things happening in the daytime in comparison to what’s happening at night.


During the week, there’ll be the talks you’re expected to go to about your course so you can get to know the staff and the outline of your year, but there are also fayres the Uni put on. At these fayres, there are both stalls that are useful for independent life and social life. At the fayre last year there was a whole range of stalls by people like the Police, the Recycling team, local beauticians, driving instructors, and my personal favourite: Domino’s! And yes, there was free pizza! In fact, there were a lot of awesome free stuff, I grabbed myself some practical things such as water bottles and lots of vouchers for local businesses such as hairdressers and food places.

There were also a lot of stalls for the societies that are at Edge Hill. At these you could sign up to become a member of the societies and meet the people who run them or go to the meetings.

The course talks were also great. It made me feel a lot less nervous and also gave me a bit more information on what I would actually be doing on my course. It was a chance to meet my course mates for the first time too.


There are a variety of events put on by the Student Union at night that cater to everyone. The events of last year might be slightly different to the ones that are planned for this year, but I can definitely tell you the kinds of stuff that I went to. There were a number of bar-based events, such as a UV paint party which was DJ’d by Scott Mills and another famous radio DJ and the toga fancy dress party, however there were also events such as the comedy night, which was a great laugh. The events will be advertised on the SU’s page once they’ve been organised and you can get your tickets, so keep an eye on this page.


So I’d definitely suggest you take part in as much as you can on Freshers’ week, as it will be something you think about for the rest of the year, and gives you some great opportunities, plus a chance to meet new people!

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