10 things that only happen in halls

1) all night conversations – if you are lucky enough to a have formed friendships within your flat you will often find yourself staying up until the early hours having DMCs (deep meaningful chats) with your flatmates. These are a great opportunity to bond and you will often find yourself opening up and finding things out about your flat. During these conversations I can almost guarantee that you will say ‘I need to go to sleep now’ at least 10 times before actually ending up anywhere near bed.

2) your wardrobe multiplying by 2 or 3 – the benefits of communal living are that you will often be able to get anything you need without even leaving the flat. Whether you are male or female you are bound to be sharing with your flatmates whether it be a nice top you’ve had your eye on, a toilet roll or spoon of sugar for your tea. Friendships formed on sharing and borrowing clothes are formed on trust and anyone who brings your items back in one piece is someone who can be relied upon.

3) random objects that appear out of nowhere – whether it be from a night out or something that someone has brought home from a lecture there always seems to be something in the kitchen that no one takes ownership of and after a while it ┬ábecomes a sort of mascot for the flat.

4) your patience will increase by 1000 – living in halls can be testing for everyone, it takes a while to acclimatise to new people, new surroundings and a new routine. You can expect a few hiccups in the beginning as you start to form friendships and freshers flu kicks in but once you are at home in halls you will find yourself looking past things that would once bother you, your uni work and social schedule will take over from your worries of who left a dirty spoon in the sink.

5) the fire alarm will go off at the most inconvenient of times – my advice always be prepared, keep shoes by the door and a coat nearby you will never be more grateful for it than when the fire alarm is going off at 4am and you’re in a blind panic trying to get out the door as quickly as possible.

6) you will forget your keys – everybody does it and the day you do it everyone will probably have gone out and you will be forced to walk to security and get the spare the set. On the bright side you will probably only do this once, the embarrassment of walking all the way to security and explaining your situation will stay with you and prevent you from making the same mistake twice.

7) you will learn new skills – for some people this will include simple things such as doing your own washing or budgeting the weekly shop for others the skills may be far more advanced and include waking up at 8:58 and making it to a lecture for 9:00 or writing 3000 words in less than 24 hours.

8) you will want to give up – whether this happens in the first week when you’ve been out every night since you moved in and suddenly felt that first pang of homesickness or towards the end of the year when exams are looming and you feel unprepared. Everyone has these moments and it’s okay. Remember there are people at uni to help you through the hardest times and you should never suffer alone.

9) you will spend hours deciding on a takeaway – Ormskirk has some great take away choices and I can almost guarantee that someone will disagree with your choice and make the wait for food even longer. From my experience it’s best to go to a few places, keep everyone happy and it prevents the arguments.

10) you will meet your best friends – a lot of people worry about not meeting people or not fitting in at university. You will make friends and these friends will be friends for life. Whether it be the people you live with in halls, people from your course or people from societies or clubs.

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