Some questions, answered!

When will I get my timetable? You usually get your timetable on Welcome Sunday. When I got to campus, I had until 5pm to go and speak with a staff member on my course, talk through any worries, and get my timetable and seminar group. This may differ depending on your course. It’s worth noting that your first week timetable and your normal timetable may be different. I know that some people had maybe 2 lectures in that first week, whereas we had a full 10-5 day for all of that first week.

What if I get lost? The very first night I spent at Edge Hill, I remember wandering around campus trying to find an accommodation block with my flatmates. It was pouring with rain, it was dark, and we just had no clue where it was. The wandering round campus really helped us to become familiar with everything, even if it did look very different in daylight! In all honesty, this isn’t something to worry about. There are various maps and signs spotted around campus and if you’re really worried, you can download the Edge Hill app, which has a map on it too. As for finding classrooms on campus, it really just takes a bit of common sense; E is for Education, H is for Health and Social, CE is for Creative Edge, M is for Main building and so on.

Can my parents send me post? Absolutely! Make sure they include your name, room number and hall block on the envelope, as this makes it just a bit easier for the lovely guy in the Durning Centre who sorts our post.

What if I really need a book and I haven’t got it yet? First things first, check the library. However, this is where Amazon prime comes in handy. Once you get your university login and you can sign into your emails, make sure you get a free student prime trial. It’s free for 6 months, and then £36 a year and it is well worth it. Not only do you not have to pay postage, you can get next day delivery (either to the Durning Centre, or the Amazon locker in McColl’s). Additionally, you also get the Amazon Video, music and other benefits that come with Prime. This is especially good for some downtime, which is important!

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment and I will answer as best as I can.


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