Uni is a bit like a holiday…

So summer is here and I hope you’ve all got your bags packed and tickets at the ready! Just like going on holiday, you have to be really organised and prepared when going to uni!

You will need to make sure you’ve done certain things I.e your student finance (making sure your relatives have also filled in their part) to ensure the process is smooth and you get your money in September! You get your student loan after the uni have notified Student finance that you have enrolled on welcome Sunday, (so make sure you don’t miss that)!

You also need to pack and unlike a holiday you may need to pack for all weathers. Those who are familiar with England weather will tell you that even in Autumn we can have our hot days! So making sure you have comfy clothes and shoes is a must! Not forgetting home comforts such as dressing gowns and slippers!!

At uni, your passport is your Unicard! Your unicard may be your key to get into your accommodation (depending on where you’re staying!), it allows you to get on the uni bus to Ormskirk for free and you also need it for exams, student entry to the SU and countless other things!

Just like holiday reps, there are multiple people at Edge Hill that are there to guide and help you if you need it! If you find yourself in a spot of bother or just need a friendly face to chat to then reach out! This could be your tutor, your head of year or the people at student services who will all be happy to point you in the right direction!

So don’t be afraid to embark on your newest journey! It’s one where you’ll make so many happy memories and new friends, you’ll love it! So for now get prepared, get packed because before you know it you’ll be stood at that departure gate ready to go! Good luck and we hope to see you soon!!

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