How are you getting to Uni?

So how are you thinking of getting to uni? Well, there are a bunch of ways you can get to and from uni! The method I use to committing to uni is walking but that’s only because my uni house is located only a few streets away from Edgehill. It only took around 10/15 minutes which is fab!

If you’re traveling by car it’s important that you account for all the things that will make your journey easier! Like making sure there is enough petrol in your car, there is nothing worse that running out of petrol! So my advice is to always keep your car above the quarter level on the petrol gauge! Then you can be sure that you will never run out!

Also make sure you can account for traffic, sometimes the traffic coming in and out of Ormskrik can get fairly busy! So I’d suggest doing a few trial runs seeing how long it takes you to get there! There is nothing more frustrating than being late to your lecture or tutorial. So remember to always set off that bit earlier to be on the safe side! It’s always better to be early than late!

If you live in Ormskrik and your way of commuting would be to walk, like me, then I would do either do a couple trial runs to make sure you are taking the right route when it comes to the main day or set off extra early! There are lots of entrances to Edgehill, so on your trial walks, try spot out some of the gates that’s you can use, you never know, taking these shortcuts could save you a load of time and prevent you from doing any unnecessary walking!

So make sure you give yourself plenty of time to commuting to and from Edgehill! Hope to see you soon!

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