DBS checks

As we are approaching the new academic year there are lots of things to prepare and think about before starting or coming back to university.

Many courses including medicine or education require you to have a DBS check, DBS stands for the disclosure and barring service and has the same function as what used to be the CRB check.

It checks your eligibility to work with young people and assesses any criminal convinctions to ensure that you can be trusted to work and maintain strict safeguarding laws that are in place.

If your course requires a DBS you are often required to pay for this yourself. What many people do not know though is that this DBS is often not transferable. So for example your DBS will cover you during your time at university but if you wanted to undertake volunteering in a school or another setting during this time you may be required to obtain another certificate for this setting.

A way to overcome this is when signing up for the DBS check you need for university is to also pay the additional £13 to join the disclosure update service. This allows future employers to view your DBS online in its most current format. This makes getting a job much easier as it prevents you having to keep reapplying and may increase your employability as you can be hired quicker without having to wait for additional checks to be carried out.

The DBS check costs £44 for the enhanced and £26 for the basic. The basic checks for unspent convictions, reprimands and warnings whereas the enhanced also covers any additional information held by police about an individual that may be applicable to a role.

I would highly recommend that if you are applying for DBS to only to do it through the official government website which can be found here:


As some websites can charge more or even be out to scam you. It is best to always go through this route to ensure you are getting what you pay for and it doesn’t prevent you in coming to university or starting placements.

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