My top student meals

If you’re thinking about going to uni, probably one of the biggest worries on your mind is cooking for yourself. Below, with the help of my friends, I have compiled some suggestions for what you can eat next year!

It’s also best to be aware that we have quite a few places to shop from in Ormskirk. Aldi and Morrison’s are the two biggest supermarkets, located about a 15 minute walk from halls. However, you can also get a delivery from Tesco, who now do a specific delivery for Edge Hill students one day a week; they come on to campus. You can also get an Asda delivery, if you’re willing to pick it up from the main gate. If you have a car, you’re in an even better position, as you can drive to the nearest Asda, if you prefer.

Don’t forget the little shops either! Places like Home Bargains, Poundland and B&M do also sell cheap food, although it’s perhaps better to get your tins and packets from these places.

Low cost

  • Pasta and mayo
  • Super Noodles¬†(Cheapest in Home Bargains)
  • Pasta n sauce¬†(Cheapest in Home Bargains)
  • Tuna pasta (tuna; choice of mayo, salad cream or seafood sauce; pasta of choice)
  • Pasta bake (pasta of choice; sieved tomatoes or jar of pasta sauce; choice of meat and vegetables)
  • Jacket potato (potato; choice of filling)
  • Chicken nuggets

Medium cost

  • Chilli con carne (quorn or beef mince; passata sauce or sieved tomatoes; chilli mix; choice of pasta, rice or potatoes)
  • Burgers (mince; egg; garlic; onions; choice of bread or salad)
  • Curry (chicken; choice of sauce; choice of rice or chips)
  • Camembert and garlic bread (cheap in Aldi!)

High(er) cost

  • Salmon, cous cous and salad
  • Hunter’s chicken (Aldi)
  • Pepper and goat’s cheese pizza (Morrison’s)
  • Takeaway
    • I am a big fan of:
      • Wan’s
      • Scoozi’s
      • Dominoes
      • Little Italy
      • Brewsterz
  • Restaurants
    • Shake Shack does really nice breakfast dishes, and can be found on JustEat
    • Morrison’s breakfast is particularly good after a night out
    • Cobble is good for lunch or afternoon tea
    • Love to Eat is fast becoming my favourite little coffee shop, although I have also eaten breakfast here, which was yummy!

Remember, you don’t have to completely rule out the more expensive foods; it is important to treat yourself every now and again!

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