My essentials to bring to uni!

Hey guys, hope you’re doing well! I’m settled back home after my first year at Edge Hill and I’m missing it like crazy already.

Whilst preparing to leave for the Summer I got thinking about when I arrived way back in September. One of the most worrying things was packing, I actually ended up bringing way too much stuff I just didn’t need and the car was as full as it could be! I think the biggest tip I could give you is to only bring stuff you use regularly. I brought stuff saying to myself “oh but it might be useful” and it honestly never came to use and just ended up cluttering my room up…

Here’s a list of the stuff that I made sure I brought, some obvious, some not so obvious!

  • Electricals (laptop, phone, mp3 player, chargers): maybe one of the more obvious things on this list! If you have a laptop, it’s definitely useful to bring despite the resources on campus, as sometimes the library and such might be busy, or you might just not feel like leaving your room! I found it useful during my lectures too to take notes. Although I listed the most obvious electricals, if you have a radio/music player or a TV that you want to bring for entertainment that’s also great, I brought my vinyl player and bought a TV once I’d saved up some money! If you have an extension cable that might also be super handy to bring with you, there was only three sockets in my room and they were all on the same wall, so I got myself one from the local Home Bargains! There are some electricals that the Uni don’t want students to bring, and you’ll get a list explaining these coming up to your arrival on campus.
  • Bedding: you need to get yourself a duvet, pillows and covers! The Uni don’t provide these, so you need to get yourself bedding. This is a chance to get something comfy and cool to come back to at the end of your uni days!
  • Books and CDs: if you’re big into reading or music I’d definitely recommend this! There is more of a bookshelf in the Back Halls accommodation (which I was in) than most of the other buildings, but there’s space in each type of accommodation for books and CDs and it gives you something to do when you want some you time.
  • Clothing: again, an obvious one, but what was less obvious to me is you don’t need to bring your whole wardrobe!!! Just bring your favourite pieces, cause if you bring too much it won’t fit in your wardrobe and you’ll also end up getting tempted to wear more outfits than is really humanly needed throughout your week and your laundry will be a nightmare… trust me, it happens.
  • Board games: I did not initially bring these with me, but I’ll now recommend them as a staple of student life! It’s definitely useful for getting to know people. I now have good old Twister in my possession and it’s given me great memories within the flat.
  • Bath/hair/healthcare products: another obvious one, but I’d actually suggest you went into Ormskirk the day you move in and pick some of these up so you don’t have boxes and boxes of shampoo and toothpaste in your car! I went into town to the Morrisons with my parents just before grabbing my room keys and it was nice to get all my essentials, especially with my parents reminding me what I need to live… sometimes you can forget the little things!

Overall, anything you bring to Uni will be something you either need to live or need to entertain yourself, but if you follow the rule of “do I use this often? Is it necessary or can I live without it for 9 months?”, you won’t bring too much clutter!

If you have any questions about anything in particular, such as whether certain things are needed upon moving in, drop me a comment! I hope you all have a wonderful day 🙂

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