Support Available at Edge Hill

There may come a point during your time at university where you might need a little help. This is totally okay; university is stressful enough as it is without the pressure of personal issues or other problems getting in the way. Edge Hill has a number of different places you can go for help, depending on your problem. I’m going to outline a few people or places you can turn to if you find yourself needing that little bit of support.

The Careers Centre (for work-related problems)

If you’re struggling with finding a job or your CV is putting you under a lot of stress then the careers centre is the best place for you. Their webpage offers so many different support services, such as; an option to upload your CV to be checked by experienced professionals, resources to help you write successful applications, CVs and personal statements and lastly, and the option to book face to face or telephone appointments with the careers team. I have made so much use of the careers centre during my time at Edge Hill, they’ve given me so much more confidence and helped me to improve my CV. So, if it’s your job prospects that are getting you down, the careers centre is here for you.

The Wellbeing Team (for emotional support)

As a student you are entitled to free counselling sessions at our dedicated health and wellbeing facility. These sessions are lead on a one-to-one basis with experienced counsellors who offer you a safe place to talk through your problems. But if counselling is not your thing then they also offer a number of support groups and workshops aimed at specific issues that students may encounter such as, stress, confidence or bereavement. There are also electronic resources that can help you if you are feeling emotionally strained.

Student Information Centre (for pretty much anything)

The Student Information Centre (SIC) is the hub for student support. They can offer you advice from finances to inclusion. For most questions you can either email them on or just drop-in and they will advise you as to what steps you should take to solve your particular problem. They really are a helpfully and friendly bunch, not be scared to ask for help, that’s what they are there for!

There are also a few other options when looking for support that are listed on the student services webpage.

Until next time! 🙂

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