Moving Out

When coming to university there is a lot of focus on what you should bring with and how to prepare your new accommodation. Although this is very important you also need to consider how things will be left in your room at home. 

If you are planning to travel home often or even for long periods of time like the holidays you need to think about what you will need and whether it is worthwhile buying duplicates. For some this may not be an option due to money or space restrictions but you will then need to consider how you will get these things home for the holidays, especially if you are relying on public transport. 

1) Your TV, most rooms on campus come with a TV that doubles up as a computer but for people moving into student houses you are often required to bring your own. The obvious option is to bring the TV in your room if you have one. If this is not the case you can easily watch television on an iPad or computer using catch up services and save yourself money on a TV license at the same time. You are not required to have one if you are watching catch up TV on a portable device so long as it isn’t plugged in. The most expensive option would be to buy a cheap duplicate television to bring to university with you. Small TV’s can cost around £100. But when university is over with they will generally retain their value and could easily be sold on to recoup some of your costs. But if you go for this option remember you will also need to purchase a TV license to watch telly legally. 

2) Duvet and Pillows, this is a requirement for all rooms on campus and you are expected to provide your own. Most students will bring these straight off their beds at home and this can prove difficult if you return home. When I came to university I brought the duvet from my bed at home and bought a new one to replace it and keep at home for when I travelled back. This worked well for me as my duvet was due for replacement anyway and would last me through university and then be thrown away afterwards. If this isn’t an option for you when you return home you could easily use a sleeping bag or other blankets on your bed to make your stay comfortable if it is only temporary. Remember travelling on a train with a duvet and pillows is not an easy task so make sure you have something at home even if it is makeshift. 

For me these are the two things that would most likely cause difficulty for students. But there are also other things people might bring including, decorative items, soft furnishings and even lamps that they might struggle without during periods at home. Always think about how you will function in your room at home without items you cannot easily travel back with. If you don’t travel home frequently then many of these things shouldn’t be an issue but most people do go home for Christmas or Easter so think about how you will live at home during this time. 

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