Landing your dream job can be difficult! There are so many different hoops and obstacles you must pass to even get to the interview stage. However, there may be a way to ease the pressure off your shoulders and help you learn how to say all the right things for that all important interview, which is exactly what the career centre is here for!

The career centre is an on-campus support, located in the student services building, which is available for 1st years onwards.
The centre aims to help students develop their employability, by offering opportunities which help you gain skills and relevant work experience!
Additionally, it is the focus of today’s post, so strap yourself in and prepare to learn all about the career centre!

The centre offers one-to-one appointments where you can seek guidance on a variety of career-related topics from application advice, CV writing, interview techniques, etc. So feel free to book an appointment if you need any advice and don’t be scared to take a notebook and pen with you, the advice you receive in the meeting may land you your dream job!

Alternatively, you can attend their on-campus events throughout the year. These events are usually located in the Hub and are key networking areas for you to interact with a range of employers offering a variety of part-time, volunteering and graduate opportunities.  
Tip: Make sure to pick up as many business cards as you can!

Speaking of opportunities you may be asking yourself: “what type of opportunities are available?!?” Which I will now answer for you!

Firstly, there are part-time jobs. Part-time jobs are the perfect way to earn extra cash to help you along with your uni life while you study, gives you transferable skills and adds another job to your CV!  If that sounds ideal for you, then the Edge Hill Works team are here to help, with finding part-time work on-campus and locally.  

Secondly, there is volunteering. Volunteering allows you to develop new skills, enhance your CV, make new friends and work contacts, and enjoy a new experience!  Just like paid work, volunteering does not have to relate to your dream job, it helps, but it’s not essential. So for an example, I’ll highlight two kinds of volunteering you can do.

Catering your volunteering to your dream job: An example of this would be a health student volunteering at a retirement home, as you would get experience in caring for people who depend on your help, communication and many other skills you wouldn’t even think of!

Unrelated volunteering: I believe there is no such thing as ‘unrelated’ volunteering as every experience as key skills attached to it which can add to your dream job.

If this interests you, then the career centre’s volunteering advisers are here to support you with it!

Thirdly, there are Graduate jobs. If you’ve just left Edge Hill and don’t know where to go next, pop into the career centre as the qualified staff and resources can provide assistance in finding you employment with graduate roles. This support is available to graduates for up to three years after graduation!

And finally, there is Summer Work. If you’re interested in working at some of the Uk’s biggest events such as music festivals, sporting events, holiday camps, theme parks and more, then look no further as the career centre recruit for all these opportunities!

Or if travelling is more your thing then why not have the experience of a lifetime by working or volunteering abroad in locations such as USA and Australia, as the career centre can help you find opportunities abroad!  

If you’ve got to this point and you’re still interested, the last step is to get in touch, which you can do in a variety of ways.

You can book an appointment, which will roughly last half an hour, all confidential, with a careers adviser. Just click ‘Book an Appointment’ on the website and choose your preferred date and time.

Or if you need some quick advice, then you can pop in for a Careers Express meeting, which is a 15-minute chat with one of the careers advisers. Drop-in facility available Mon-Fri 9:00 am – 4:30 pm.  

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you found it useful, and have a good week.
Until next time!

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