What to bring:

– essentials – it was really hard for me to decide what to bring when I started Uni. One thing I found useful what to write down everything I used in one day. I wrote down toilet paper, shower stuff, toothpaste, toothbrush. I did this for a few days and by the end I had a list of everything I used each day.
– Comforts – one thing that I found with moving out was what do I want on the wall or how am I going to make it homely. Luckily I was given photo frames and things but I also printed off photos ready to put up around my room.
– Clothes – it’s really easy to want to bring all your clothes but be realistic. If you have a large wardrobe at home you are going to struggle to fit it into a small uni room. I bought enough clothes for two weeks and then my mum was visiting so anything I desperately wanted I asked her to bring with her.
– Cutlery and pots and pans – in first year you will all bring your own which is understandable as you don’t know who you will be living with but you don’t need everything all at once. Just bring the main items first and then if you find you need a carrot cutter then you can bring it up at a later date.
– Overseas – if you are travelling by public transport the best way is to either try and sort out a courier service or buy it once you get here and wait to see what your flat mates already have

What not to bring:
– sentimental items – don’t bring your nans favourite tea set! I brought all old stuff to uni and I’m pleased that I did because I wasn’t too heartbroken when it was damaged or lost.
– Oversized items – Don’t bring massive TV’s and great big teddy bears because there simply isn’t space for it. These are thing you can bring at a later date or save until you live in a house.
– Cars – unless you already have a permit or it is absolutely necessary that you bring it, then leave it at home. Parking in ormskirk and at uni is always so busy and you will find that there simply isn’t anywhere to park it!

Make sure you have everything you need but don’t bring everything you own as you will just find yourself losing things or not being able to fit into your room!


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