Keeping in touch/ Getting in touch 

The friendships you make whilst at university can be said to be friendships for life. It is important to get off on the right foot and maintain these friendships throughout your university life. 

The build up to university can be very a exciting but anxious time. Later in the summer once you have receieved your results and applied for accommodation you will be allocated a place in halls. This usually happens on results day so you will find out where you will be living for the next academic year. Halls at university are generally in clusters of 4, 6 or 8 so it can be exciting finding out who you will be living with and getting to know them. The university sets up official halls pages and you should be directed to these through communication from the university or through existing Edge Hill Facebook groups. These groups allow you to find the people you will be living and start getting to know each other. Obviously not everyone will have Facebook but I would definitely recommend getting it even if it is just for this purpose as it really helps get over those initial worries and put your mind at ease knowing everyone is in the same position as you. These Facebook groups provide a space for you to get to know not only your flatmates but your SA (student assistant) who will be your guide and go to during your time in halls and will be there to answer and help with any of your queries in the run up to welcome Sunday. 

These group chats give you the chance to ask questions you might have been afraid to ask anywhere else or provide answers to questions you hadn’t of even considered. Try and make the most of these opportunities and be as social as possible as it will help you build those initial relationships.

Once you get past that stage and have moved in, I find it’s really important to try and mix with your flatmates. Spend time getting to know them as you will be living with these people for the best part of 10 months so it’s better to do this on good terms. Attending freshers events, having nights in and even just chatting over dinner can be a great way to make friends. You will find that despite trying your best you can’t get along with everyone and there may sometimes be arguements this is only natural when strangers come to live together. Often arguments don’t last and are made up over night but if there is ever a problem your SA will be on hand to help. 

I personally feel very lucky to have lived with such amazing people who I can honestly say have felt like a second family during my time in halls. They have made my time at university more than enjoyable and I couldn’t thank them enough. As summer is now approaching it is important to maintain these relationships and try and keep that friendship alive. Arrange day trips to visit one another, come back to university for the day or even FaceTime especially if you are living together again in September. For most this will come naturally and you will miss those you have been living with as soon as they move out. 

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