This is something that everyone is worried about. The cost of University is far from cheap but don’t let that put you off starting your journey. There are means that have been put in place for you to be able to access the facilities regardless of the money aspect. Even though at the time it may feel like it is so much money there are plans to sort out how you can pay it back.

You can still apply for student finance now and this will enable you to get funding for your fees each year and you could be entitled to grants and loans depending on your income. It is certainly something I would recommend looking into as you shouldn’t let money ruin your opportunity to go to University.

As far as finance is concerned if it is something you are worried about, consider your expenses and if moving out is going to be too expensive for you then you may be better off living at home.

The biggest thing I have found is making sure that you have money for unexpected things. With student loans it is so easy to get really excited and spend it all at once because the large sum of money goes straight into your account. However, if you manage your loan properly then you will find that it can go a long way.

One of the biggest payments that you will need student finance for is accommodation. A lot of people find their loans go straight to accommodation which is why this is a big consideration when deciding whether to move out for uni or not. Consider whether you will be able to live if your loan goes straight to accommodation.

There is always the option of getting a part-time job whilst at Uni but often this can get in the way of your studying! Just make sure that before you decide on where to go to study you consider the financial implications. Don’t let it stop you following your dreams but be realistic about your choices.

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