Clearing Out, Moving Out

It’s clear out time for many people! Either moving out of university accommodation or packing up to move into halls, it’s time for a good old sort out for many people. One thing many people struggle with is how to clear out all their items effectivity, so in this post, I hope to give some advice on the best ways to sort and pack efficiently!

Okay, first things first, allocate an afternoon or two, a week or more in advance to your moving date and dedicate that time to sorting and packing everything up, phone off, music on, this is the time to get everything sorted so you’re not stressing out the day before. If you are moving into halls make sure to write a list of everything important that you need to bring.

It’s best to start in your bedroom as that’s where the bulk of your items will be. Drag everything out from beneath your bed, in your cupboards and draws. Then sort each item into one of the three piles: sell/donate, throw out and store.

Sell/Donate: for no-longer-needed items that are still in good repair, that someone else might enjoy. Additionally, extra cash never hurts, so any items that have a high value try to sell on eBay or at a carboot sale!  

Throw out: this is for any scraps of paper or items long behold repair, as any broken items that have no sentimental value or use have no space in your university life. Don’t be scared to throw out anything you don’t need, remember, hoarding will only create more issues on moving day!

Store: Anything that has sentimental value, or wouldn’t be useful in your new student life pack into some cardboard boxes, which you can either store at your guardian’s house or with a storage company.

The last step is to gather all the items left and start to pack them! And of course, put all the storage items away, hand in all the donate items into your local charity shop and throw out all your bin bags on pick up day.

Thank for taking the time to read this short post, I hope you found it somewhat useful and have a great week.
Until next time!

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