What to do before University

There is so much to think about before coming to university that things can easily be forgotten, I’ve put together a list of things that I wished to have focussed on more and things that can often not even be considered.

1) Make sure you’ve applied for student finance, the deadline has currently passed but don’t let this stop you from continuing with the process of coming to university. Get in contact with student finance as soon as possible, explain your situation and hopefully you’ll still be able to pursue your studies. Student finance is something that needs to be reapplied for every year so it’s worth making a note in your diary or setting a reminder on your phone as it’s often the last thing people think about yet one of the most important for many students.

2) It might be the last thing on your mind but if you have a job try and work as much as possible. Once you get to university depending on your course you may not have the time you previously had to work or you may be too far away to regularly commute. Working over the summer will provide you with those extra savings or essential money for when you arrive at university. It’s always a bonus to have an extra fund to rely on whether it be for spontaneous nights out, to put towards a house deposit or to supplement your student finance allowance.

3) Start shopping slowly but surely. As stated in Emma and Ashley’s blog it’s important to think carefully about what you need to bring to university and subsequently what you need to buy. Don’t over do it, don’t buy everything in one go. Make lists and stay organised, this will prevent you from overbuying and bringing things to university that you don’t really need. Remember there are shops in Ormskirk and they will have that thing you’ve forgotten or that thing you think you can’t live without.

4) Make time for family and friends. A lot of people wish away their summer waiting for the start of university. For many this will be your first time away from home for a substantial amount of time. Consider this when allocating your time over the summer months, spend time with family and friends as they may also be feeling apprehensive about the big move. Seeing people over the summer rather than a big event close to your moving day may help with home sickness and ease the transition for everyone.

5) Lastly prepare yourself. Spend some time finding out about Ormskirk and Edge Hill. There’s so much information on these blogs, on twitter and on the University website. Getting a feel for where you will be living can really help the moving process and help you share your future plans with family and friends allowing them to see where you will be attending. Finding out about the area will help those first few days or weeks seem so much less scary and prevent you from feeling lost in a new town.

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