What NOT to bring

As my flatmates from first year (and probably my housemates from second year too) will tell you, I am still trying to find the right balance of how much stuff to bring with me to university. I live just under two and a half hours away, so it’s not easy for me to just drop back home to collect things and if you’re the same, you too will likely fall into the trap of thinking you have to bring everything but the kitchen sink ‘just in case.’

See that shelf? I didn’t need half of that stuff!

In their post, Ashley talks about the big things (such as duvets and pillows, kitchenware and clothing) you’re going to require for living in halls- I’m going to talk about what NOT to bring.

These are things you’ll find in halls:

  1. An iron and ironing board
  2. A hoover
  3. A dustpan and brush
  4. A toilet brush
  5. A desk and chair
  6. A kettle
  7. A toaster
  8. A microwave

These things may seem obvious, but there are some students that will fall into the trap of thinking they have to bring these things with them!

Here are my suggestions for what not to buy yet:

  1. Toiletries – Ormskirk has a B&M, a Superdrug, a Morrisons, an Aldi, a Poundland, a Boots… the list goes on. With the amount of toiletries I brought with me, you’d think I believed that Ormskirk didn’t have any! You’re best off doing a wander into town to get some when you get your first food shop, because it just takes up room in your car.
  2. Kitchenware – Ashley spoke about this within a blog post, and I want to reiterate the sentiment. It is much better to speak to the people living in your cluster (your corridor) about your kitchen stuff before you go out and buy loads. I’d suggest bringing a couple of plates, some mugs and cutlery, maybe even some wooden spoons and sharp knives, but there’s no need to get loads of pots and pans just yet, because most halls come equipped with them. I came with loads of pots and pans, which not only did I not need in my first year, but couldn’t use, because the hobs in some of the higher priced accommodation are induction, meaning you need a certain kind of pan.

So, I’m sure you’ll read lots of posts over the coming weeks about what to and what not to bring with you, but here’s just my two cents! Until next time!

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