What happens when it’s finished?

So a lot of the time you’ll hear people speak about how Uni was one of the best times in their life… and I wouldn’t disagree! However you don’t really hear what happens when you finish Uni! As much as this probably seems light years away, it will creep up on you sooner than you think! So I think it would be good if you has an insight into not only starting uni, what happens while you’re there as well as what happens when you finish!

So as a third year student, my last exam was last Thursday… which means I am finished after a handful of assignments, another module and exam- PHEW! So what’s in store next?

Uni finishes quite abruptly! Unlike school or college where you may have an assembly or leavers party e.t.c. you finish your last assignments and then your free! This closure comes when you have your Graduation Ceremony, for me that happens this July and I cannot wait!

If you complete a teaching degree, you’ll have been searching and applying for jobs from around Christmas so fingers crossed that you will have secured a post before you finish your third year! I also know of a few people from non-education based courses who have successfully managed to secure jobs already! However if you don’t have a job by the time you finish then there’s no need to panic as because you are normally finished from around May, you have plenty of time to get those job applications filled!

Then there’s a case of saying goodbye and moving back home! This is a bit of a shock to the system as the dynamics are different at home so it does take a while to adjust but after you’ve carved a routine for yourself you’ll be on your way! Uni is a fantastic time, so make sure you enjoy it and savour every minute!

If you have any questions please ask! Hope to hear from you soon.

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