Before it starts…

In my blog post earlier I spoke about what happens when Uni finished, but for all you lucky people this is miles away!

So what will you need to bring to uni when you’re living in halls? Well all your necessities… unfortunately this is not a holiday where you can pack a suitcase and be done. I would highly recommend you start gathering these things ASAP to reduce your panic and stress nearer the time! There’s a lot you will need to pack that you don’t think of, you will need everything from toiletries to pans!

  • Toiletries- shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste/brush!
  • Kitchen pots and pans, knives and forks, spatulas, spoons etc. Plates and trays.
  • Towels, bath mat, toothbrush holder, soap and toilet roll. (If you’re lucky enough to have an ensuite, don’t forget toilet roll!)
  • A single quilt, pillows, a fitted sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases.
  • Maybe a lamp for your bed side table.
  • Clothes, pyjamas, underwear, socks, shoes (even your winter wear i.e. a coat, gloves, hat, scarves etc.) Do not forget coat hangers!
  • A bag for your uni things, folders, paper pads, stationary, calculator and a laptop!
  • Don’t forget your makeup, straighteners etc. girls or drama students!
  • Sports wear if you fancy heading to the gym or joining a sporty society!
  • General bits and bobs to make your room more homely/cosy!
  • Oh and food essentials! Bread, milk, sauces, pasta… the staple student diet!

You may forget somethings or think you don’t need them, then change your mind! However at uni there are plenty of shops in Ormskirk where you can pick bits up from! With your uni card you can get the uni bus from Edge Hill to the town centre which is extremely convenient, especially if you have a lot of shopping to carry!

So if you’re moving from far away and you know your means of travel will not allow you to transport a lot of items, then you can always go shopping for it! So either way you won’t go without!

Good luck packing!

2 Replies to “Before it starts…”

  1. Hi Beth,
    I am mom of a Student who will move in on September 17th. I would like to know how the students are allowed to hang their pic ont th wall. Lets say an legal size Poster or larger. Or even a framed Pictures. I assume nails are not allowed.

    Can the students bring their own bikes and is there a rool or place to lock the up.
    Thanks for your help.
    Kind regards,
    Tatjana Griffith (writing from Germany)

    1. Hello Tatjana,

      Thank you for your comment!
      This year’s halls handbook can be found using this link:
      The information regarding posters etc is on page 29, where it states only white tack is allowed to stick posters e.t.c on the wall- and yes you’re right, nails aren’t allowed.

      I did not use a bike myself (however it is a great idea!) but with some research, I found this page which should give you more information:
      If your child signs up to BLUC for a £10 deposit they can store their bike in a locker.

      I hope I have been of some help and they are excited to start!
      Kind regards,


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