Preparing to move from halls to a house

As I have mentioned before halls are very spacious and in your first year of university you can often end up bringing way more than you’ll ever need. Moving from campus to a house can be seen as downsizing so it’s important to consider this when packing for your move. 
Often when moving into a house it is a strong possibility that you may have only seen your new house once. You can arrange with some estate agents to view the property a second time just so you have a better idea of how many things to bring. You will also need to discuss with your estate agent what additional items you will need to bring most student accommodation does come fully furnished however there are some items you may be required to purchase such as a toaster, kettle and microwave. These things may seem expensive initially but when the costs are split between 2/3 people it doesn’t seem so bad. When you move out you can re-sell these items in selling groups or even to other students and reclaim your costs back making it a small investment.
You also need to check whether or not you are paying your bills separately or as part of a bills included package. If you are paying as part of a package you have probably already set up your payment method but if you have decided to pay them separately you may need to set up a new account for everyone to pay into and for the bills to come out of. If you are paying the bills in this way you need to ensure that you are all responsible for the bills and are paying in fairly. The landlord or letting agent should help you organise this. As well as organising your bills you need to make sure that you have secured student finance for the next academic year and that the account your finance is being paid into is the same account as your bills are coming out from. If you update your card details at any time you need to let the estate agents know to save you any hassle in the future.
Lastly as long and as boring as it may be you need to familiarise yourself with your new rental agreement. You may have gotten used to the way things are in halls or at home but the rules for a rental property can offer differ and be a lot less lenient. You need to make sure that you are following these rules as any deviance from them could be seen as a breach of contract and leave you with fines or charges at the end of your tenancy. 

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