Food glorious food!

Hello all, hope you’re having a wonderful week!

One of the things that is probably the most demanding things about living a more independent life is fending for yourself food-wise! I had not had much experience cooking before Uni, so this was definitely one of my higher concerns, but it’ll be different for different people. And, even though I was nervous about getting behind a pan and not setting fire to anyone or anything in my path, as time has passed I’ve come to be much more comfortable and happy cooking.

A lot of people joke that University students live solely off pizza, takeout and pasta and, well… it is a little bit true. Not always true, but pasta is definitely a staple of the student diet, and when student finance comes Domino’s certainly gets an increase of income. However, if you fall into unhealthy eating patterns you’ll be doing yourself no good. You need your strength, energy and a good balance of the food types and vitamins etc. you need to put all the focus and effort you need to put into your studies to be a successful student and do yourself proud. Plus, if you chose to live off takeaways you would completely mess up your budget – that stuff is expensive!

There are some ways that you can ensure you get what you need from food:

  • Get your veggies!- the problem with a lot easily cooked meals that students generally gravitate towards is that they don’t have any vegetables with them. I may sound like your mother when you were a kid, but it’s an easy mistake to make if someone forgets to include vegetables in their meals. They give you a lot of stuff you need though, so even if you popped a side of lettuce, cucumber or carrot sticks onto meals, which is just as easily prepared as a ready meal, you’ll be a lot healthier and it’ll do you a whole world of benefit!
  • Variety is important – not only is creating meals with a variety important to stop yourself getting bored when it comes to meal times, but this will also help balance your meals.
  • Get yourself a recipe book and try something new! – again, the “try something new” might sound like something your mother would say, but it’ll help you a lot! I’m a fussy eater, but when you’re being more independent it’s a lot harder to be fussy about food. I never thought I’d be sticking mango in a chicken meal, but last week I tried it, and even though it wasn’t something I’d try again, it was a nice meal to try! You never know, you might find you like some interesting things. On top of trying new things giving you more variety, it’s also really fun to experiment with food. I grabbed a couple of recipe books that were on sale at my local book shop before arriving at Uni and they’re pretty cool. I even managed to grab a book which teaches you how to do microwaveable mug meals, so you can really find stuff tailored to student life!

Your health is super important at Uni, as it can affect your study, so food, your diet and getting into cooking is something I’d definitely ensure you’re thinking about! Another side to the topic of food is budgeting for meals, so I’ll be a doing another post on that soon which I’ll link below once it’s done (click here for that post)!

Hope you all have a great end to your week 🙂

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