My five favourite things about Edge Hill

As I am coming towards the end of my second year I have had plenty of time to embrace and enjoy everything that Edge Hill has to offer. I’ve decided to share with you my five favourite things about Edge Hill and Ormskirk in general and why they have contributed to me having such a wonderful experience during my time at university so far.

1) Campus

It’s no surprise to me that Edge Hill has won awards for its accommodation and campus as it literally is one of the most beautiful I have seen. With lakes and nature and everything you could need in one campus it is ideal for both working and living. Just recently I discovered that there are nature walks towards the back of the university that are beautiful on a sunny day and it just goes to show that no matter how long you have been here there are always areas that are yet to be discovered and enjoyed.

2) Ormskirk Markets

Ormskirk markets are a wonderful way to get involved with the local community. They take place twice a week and give you the opportunity to buy local produce fairly cheaply. There are a range of things from fruit and veg, flowers and sweets to clothes and appliances. It’s always worth having a visit as us students especially are always on the look out for bargains and it’s good to save money where you can whilst also putting money back into local growers and producers rather than always visiting the big supermarkets.

3) Local Attractions

There are so many quaint and wonderful shops in Ormskirk that you would never find anywhere else. From coffee shops like Cobble to cocktail bars such as Lime Tyger and Mimi and Gin, there’s something for everyone. It’s always nice to just have a wander and see what you come across as many of the places in Ormskirk ¬†are truly hidden gems and hidden away for you to discover. Many of these places have a great feel and it’s always nice to have something nearby that you want to introduce to everyone back home and take everyone to when they come to visit.

4) Transport Links

Even though Edge Hill can be said to be quite a rural university the transport links are amazing. The free Edge Hill bus is a godsend for bringing shopping and suitcases back to campus and is so convenient. Once you are in Ormskirk the train to Liverpool or Preston is literally a 5 minute walk and there are a range of bus services taking you anywhere from Wigan to Crosby or Southport if you fancying venturing out for the day. It’s nice to know that once you are in Ormskirk getting out or getting home is easy with all the options that are available to you I’m sure they’ll be an option to get where you need to go.

5) Location

Edge Hill is very lucky as it is situated close to both cities and beaches meaning it has everything you could need at just a stones throw away. Crosby and Formby beaches are only around 30 minutes away by car and Liverpool city centre is also only around a 40 minute drive. As I mentioned before the transport links that Ormskirk has to offer means that getting to these places is quick and easy and means that you can explore as much or as little of Lancashire as you wish.

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