How Will You Change the World?

So how are you going to change the world?

Is it by sticking up for what’s right, maybe for people whose voices can’t be heard or helping others who cannot help themselves. Maybe educating the young is the right career path for you! Whatever is your calling, make sure you choose the suitable degree!

For me, I want to teach maths, you may think that this isn’t something that will change the word… but think again!┬áMy actions will equip young adults with the necessary qualifications that allow them to follow their aspirations, maybe a doctor who will save someones life or a nursery worker who will one day look after your child. Everybody plays a vital role in society and whatever you choose to pursue you too will contribute one way or another!

Uni allows you to build these skills for you to be a productive member of society, whether that is becoming good with budgeting, cooking, timekeeping or just generally maturing! Without University you may not be able to build upon these skills until you move out, so why wait!

Personally, I felt University was the right choice as there was no career I wanted to pursue that didn’t require a degree! So when choosing which degree would suit me best I looked at the topics that interested me and I honed in on maths! I have always been told I am a good teacher and on reflection I have the necessary personality traits needed i.e. patience and determination! So I chose maths teaching, and I’ve never looked back!

Make sure you look at Edge Hill’s Undergraduate courses here to choose a course that suits you!

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