Maintaining religion at University

For some people this will be an after thought when choosing a university, but for many religion is a key focus in their lives and maintaining this whilst at university can be a very influential factor in the decision making process.

At university there are many options for you to continue with your religion or start becoming part of a religion. If you are wanting to meet people with similar interests to yourself there are societies such as the Christian Union, the Islamic Society and the Pagan Society. Although if you feel these do not meet your needs there is always the option of setting up your own society. These societies not only allow you to meet other people but provide opportunities to attend events, get involved with the local community and share ideas.

For some people joining a club or society may be too much commitment and prefer to know what is available on an as when basis. I know that for myself in particular I like to be informed of local services such as christingle, Christmas and Easter despite not going to church or a attending a society on a regular basis. There are many churches in Ormskirk and information about services can be found on their website such as for Ormskirk Parish Church who have a brilliant website with information on services and how to get involved with what they do

Although Ormskirk has a wide variety of Christian and Methodist churches it can be limited when it comes to other religions. For some places of worship you may have to venture into Liverpool where the choice is more diverse.

There is the Abdullah Quilliam heritage centre and mosque. This was recently reopened and is credited as being the birthplace of Islam in Britian. Information on prayer times can be found on their website

There is a Sikh Gurdwara on Wellington Avenue in Wavertree. The Gurdwara is a place of worship for people of Sikh religion but prides itself on welcoming those from all backgrounds and religions to use the Gurdwara as a place of worship.

The Princess Road Synagogue has been home to the Liverpool Old Hebrew congregation since 1874. The building is Grade 1 listed and beautiful both inside and out. Information on services at the Synagogue can be found at:

Finally the Dulzdin Buddhist Centre in Aigburth. This centre is dedicated to Kadampa Buddhism and meditation. The centre offers itself to those who wish to find out more about how to relax, up to those people who wish to find lasting inner peace. 

Although this list is not extensive I hope that it provides a place to start when looking at religion whilst at Edge Hill and shows you the number of options that are available to you during your time at University. It may also help you to explore other religions, find out more about your own religion or even just find out more about the architecture and purpose of buildings in both Ormskirk and Liverpool.

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