Gaining More than just a Degree…

If you’re one of the lucky ones… It’s your Easter holidays! Either way it’s not long off exams which means you’ve nearly finished and you’re having to persevere to study through the sunny days! However the motivation and excitement of going to uni is hopefully keeping you on track to achieve those well deserved grades!

As a third year student, looking back, uni has been a great experience and I’m devastated I only have one term left! So my point is… savour every minute of it! There are so many things going on throughout the year that you’d be silly not to! This morning I registered for Graduation which means it’s not long before I finish!

Talking to college students, some are unsure about whether University is for them, and I can only advise based on my personal experience but I would say jump at the opportunity while you can! Many students come to uni for the renowned ‘student life’, which is great as you have very few responsibilities and a lot of time to be selfish (when else in life will you get to do this?!).

You come to Uni to better yourself, choosing a course that you will enjoy and that will open doors to exciting careers later when you finish! You will meet some fascinating people from Edge Hill, both staff and students… who hopefully will become your friends for life! University is exciting and will provide you that time to get to know what you do/don’t like, what you like to do to keep yourself company… or even how messy you can be without being told to clean up!

The time at University has allowed me to truly know who I am as a person and what makes me get up in the morning! It is a testing time full of demands and assignments, but it is totally worth it!

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