What to do with your time off

For many of us we are now in our Easter break and at university this can be anything from 2 weeks to 4 weeks, and for some term may have already ended for the year leaving you with a new chunk of free time to occupy.

One of the first things I’d suggest to do is take some time to focus on your well being. This can be anything from just lighting a candle, spending a day looking after yourself or watching your film. Whilst at university you can often forget to indulge in the things that make you feel good. When you have time off its okay to be a little selfish and take time out just for yourself. Whilst its good to see friends and family, try not to fill your schedule completely. It can be easy to organise a host of activities going here, there and everywhere and before you know it the break is over. ┬áTake time to rest and relax.

Don’t feel pressure to go home either, for some people staying at University can be more beneficial as they feel that they can work better or just enjoy spending some time alone. This can often be difficult for parents to understand so try to explain your reasons and hopefully they will understand. As well as this for some people who suffer from homesickness it can be easier to stay rather going backwards and forwards.

If you plan to do university work over your Easter break try and organise times to fit this in. There’s nothing worse than sitting everyday saying you’re going to start something and just sitting, waiting, procrastinating and putting it off and wasting a day that could have been spent doing something else. Make sure if you are taking books home from the library you reserve them to avoid getting fines whilst you’re away from university. As well as university work some people may choose to go home to a job. This is a great opportunity to earn money ready for the summer or for the next term of university.

As well as working, the Easter break is also a great time to travel. At University the longer break puts you at an advantage as you can book flights or breaks out of the ‘school holidays’ and benefit from cheaper travel especially if you’re booking in advance. Depending on what you are studying you may be given a yearly overview during your first week, with dates of holidays included, this can help you organise an appropriate time to travel and book as early as possible to make the most of deals.

Basically you need to take the time to do whatever it is that you want to do, whether that be staying at university working or going home and doing nothing, it is your break and you should make the most of it however you choose to spend it.

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