Will I miss home?

One of my biggest concerns when starting University was that I would miss home. I am so close to my family and friends at home that leaving them was one of the hardest things. However, it’s honestly not as bad as you think. If you are moving out to come to University then the chances are that you will be with hundreds of other people who are in the same boat. You will find that you all become like one big family. A good thing for me was making sure that my University wasn’t too far away so that if I did want to come home at the weekend I could without too much trouble.

One of the best things that my mum did when I first started was plan to come and see me two weeks after I had moved in. This gave me enough time to get used to Uni (and recover from welcome week) as well as knowing that I would be seeing my mum soon. This was a really nice amount of time as I was able to settle in to my new flat and do things with my new friends before. It also meant that if I had forgotten to pack anything my mum could bring it up with her.

The most important thing for me was getting involved. I kept myself busy and socialising so that I didn’t really have time to dwell or think about home too much. I also tried not to ring home too much so that I wasn’t spending my time on the phone to home instead of getting involved with Uni life.

One thing that kept me really busy was joining societies. During Welcome Week I joined everything I could to try to meet new people and gain new experiences. This was really good as it meant that these first two weeks of starting Uni were really busy so I wasn’t missing home.

I can say now, having lived away from home for nearly three years, that it was the best decision I have ever made. I have gained so much from living by myself and now feel confident about leaving home in the future.

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