Top tips for studying

Whether you’re studying for exams or writing coursework right now, it’s likely that you’re going to be spending a lot of time working. This is true of university life, and unfortunately, you don’t have someone standing behind you encouraging you to do it all the time, like you do at school. This means that it is important to get into good study habits now, to prepare you for university. Here are my top tips…

  1. Find an environment away from where you eat and sleep. At the start of this year, I lived in a house where I ate, slept and studied all in the same room. It got incredibly monitonous staring at the same four walls, yet the library just wasn’t cutting it for me. I finally managed to work out a timetable with my friend so that I could work at hers, in her living room, away from where I spent the rest of my time.
  2. which brings me to my next point… Find a time to study that is suitable for you. I work best in the mornings, or after I’ve had a seminar, even though I don’t like getting up early. I find that I can’t work after a long day in uni. This means that I have to set an alarm in the morning so that I can make the most out of my day. Other people work best at night. Whatever works for you, make sure you allocate time to studying or writing assignments.
  3. Take appropriate breaks, whether that means you’re going to stop after you’ve read or written 100 words, or you’re going to take a 15 minute break every two hours. Knowing you have some downtime can really motivate you to work in that time you have allocated.
  4. Reward yourself appropriately. I have friends that award themselves a sweet each time they’ve written 50 words, whilst I have others that will allow themselves to order a takeaway once they’ve finished an assignment. I like giving myself a day off after I’ve written myself an assignment, which could include going out for lunch with friends, or curling up with a Disney movie and having a pyjama day.

Hopefully these four tips will help you become more productive, and help you begin to motivate yourself, ready for starting university.

Good luck!

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