Moving on

It may seem far too early to be thinking out about moving back home for the summer, but I’ve found that moving out slowly but surely is one of the most efficient ways of doing so.

First things first have a good spring clean, it might sound boring but you accumulate a lot of stuff whist at uni. You’ll come across leaflets from fresher’s week that you’ve stuffed at the back of wardrobe and hundreds of water bottles that just seem to be stacking up. Once you have gotten rid of all your rubbish you’ll find that you already feel as though you have less stuff to think about taking home.

Next thing to do is think about what you haven’t used, haven’t worn or will no longer need. For me this includes things like winter shoes, scarves and books. I try to take home little bits at a time so as to not be weighed down on the journey home. If you do this frequently you will find it so much easier when it comes to the actual big move out day. You will also begin to realise how many things you’ve brought to uni that you have never used, write these things down and remember for next year as if you’ve managed for a year you probably don’t need to bring them back again. For me this included items such as

  • a colander
  • copious amounts of Tupperware
  • far too many decorative ornaments/picture frames
  • every piece of clothing I’ve ever worn ever, that I suddenly thought I would need whilst at university

By doing these things when it comes to moving out you should have a much easier time. On that day though it’s important to be just as organised. My advice would be to label and sort things into what you’ll need at home and what can stay packed until next year. This saves you the hassle of unpacking everything to find that one thing you realised you can’t manage without and also saves repacking everything again over the summer. Invest in some good storage boxes and they will hopefully see you through the three years of moving in and out.

Last but not least be prepared at home. Condensing two rooms back into one may not seem like a big deal but when you’ve got a room full of IKEA bags, storage boxes and suitcases your motivation to organise them may suddenly disappear and they will remain there until September rolls around. Try and make a space for the things that are labelled as what you will not need. I was lucky enough to have space in the garage, but even making space in your bedroom, wardrobe, shed or loft in order to keep these things out of your way. Just make sure that your possessions are tightly sealed and out of the damp as the last thing you want is to get back to uni start unpacking and realise that everything is ruined.

So overall preparation is key, and by doing little and often you are likely to avoid the stress of moving out. Be able to pack the car up with ease, and settle back in at home without being surrounded with tableware and folders.

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