Where do You Want to be in Three Years Time?

So what do the next three years hold for you?

Laughter, excitement and hard work! The memories you will create will be unforgettable as uni really is the greatest time of your life!

I can’t believe how fast time has flown, only now it has really hit me as this years summer graduation times/dates have been released and I’m super excited! It’s nearly over and all everybody’s hard work and effort will be rewarded! Also, tickets for the Grad Ball (held by the SU) have been bought for May, so now all that’s left to do is go shopping… on a student budget!

So all that’s left now is to count down the days… oh yeah and the extra module, assignments and exam to prep for :'(

However the end is in sight which is cause for motivation and yet sadness! Uni has been a huge part of my life for the past three years… well education in general for the past 17 years! And ironically I’m going back into it this September to teach teenagers myself! It seems to be a well known ‘fact’ that students have an easy life, well I beg to differ! You may have a lot of free time (non-contact time) away from Uni but you also have a lot to do in that time! So making sure you’re organised should be a top priority! Making sure you have the self-discipline to be able to say no sometimes to your friends or to that night out… however hard that may be!

A key question to ask yourself is where do you want to be heading in three years time? Ensuring your degree creates an open door for your career aspirations is essential, so make sure that your chosen degree opens doors to what you want to do!!

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