What’s the Difference Between Uni and College/Sixth Form?

If you’re in sixth form or college and you’re considering starting university you might wonder how different it will be once you get there, right? I’ve found that there are a lot of differences between sixth form and university and I’d like to tell you about some of them. This way you can get your head around it all and will be completely prepared for your time at uni.


Your relationship with your tutors and lecturers may be a little different to what you’re used to. The biggest difference I found between sixth form and uni is that you call them by their first names. None of this Mr and Mrs so-and-so nonsense, you have classes with Jim or Sue or whoever. Tutors also tend to treat you more like an adult than teachers do, they put you on a similar level to themselves, although they are educating you they don’t treat you like a child. They also tend to be more sociable – it’s actually okay and normal to see them at the SU and join them for a drink. It might still feel a bit weird to see them outside of uni, much like teachers but they do actually have social lives!


In my course at least, we have less working hours than what I was used to in school. The most I am in uni for day-to-day is four hours. A lot of my work is independent. Of course, this varies depending on what degree you choose to study. Some degrees have even more working hours, not to mention evening lectures! I did struggle to figure out the differences between lectures and seminars/workshops before I started uni, so I shall explain what I now know; lectures are huge and could have your entire year in a room, it’s more like a presentation than a class. But seminars are more intimate and more like a classroom setting – more what you’re used to in school and college.


Another difference is that I can bet that Edge Hill’s campus is far bigger than your school? Am I right? I mean some city unis even have their campus spread across the entire city! But what I love about Edge Hill is that it is all on one place, though it is huge. There are different buildings for different subjects, it’s like the blocks you’d have in school but on a much bigger scale. And of course, people can live on campus which makes it much easier to get to class!

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