Future Developments on Campus – New Library and Accommodation!

Today’s blog post is a bit of an exciting one as I’m going to be talking about the developments which are currently happening on campus right now! Hope you enjoy the post!
I briefly mentioned at the end of my last post about the new Library, so I’ll start with that one.

Yes, all that debris on the old racetrack by the Hub is going to be a four-storey Library and Student Services Centre, which is planned to be complete in summer 2018. Which is when I will be graduating so this will be benefiting anyone who is currently in their first year and future applicants. However, this is an exciting development for edge hill, as it will make Student Services much more accessible and well known while giving students more space to work as there’s hardly ever a free seat in the library’s ground floor work area.

“The new building aims to provide the Edge Hill community with a popular 24/7 destination where welcoming, knowledgeable, professional staff are on hand to support student life, research, learning and career development.”

The key areas of this new library will be:

  • Spaces: “A contemporary, inviting and well-resourced environment will provide a focal point on-campus where staff and students are able to meet, think, learn, create, and participate.” This is great for my course, as our coursework is group work heavy and it can be difficult at times finding a free area to sit and have a meeting, so more work spaces will hopefully benefit students a lot.  
  • Technology: “Modernised online and mobile systems will enhance self-service and cross-service facilities, to provide a more dynamic and seamless customer experience.” This will greatly help the amount of students who need a computer, as the upstairs of the Hub and ground floor of the library can get pretty packed.  
  • Student Services: Brilliant for anyone who has any issue on campus as it’ll make Student Services more well known and make it a lot more convenient.

However, a much more fast approaching project is the new ‘Townhouseaccommodation.

Townhouses – artist’s impression

The townhouse accommodation is a three and four storey build comprising of 263 bedrooms and will be located next to the new library. These will be available to second years, third years and postgraduate students, meaning more of these students can be housed on campus rather than renting privately outside of the University.
However, “The residences will be completed in two phases, with the first opening in time for 2017 occupancy and the second in 2018.” With a lot of rooms already allocated this accommodation is a great new addition to the campus and solves many issues with house hunting in the area!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and I hope you learnt something from this. Please feel free to check the links below to read more about the developments on campus and follow the project as it happens.
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Until next time!

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