Field Trips

I always remember at school, going on a school trip was one of the most exciting things. You could go out of school for the day and you weren’t cooped up in a classroom. Even though the trips from Uni aren’t the same they are still just as exciting.

Depending on the course you do you are likely to be offered to take part in extra activities. These can sometimes involve going off site to a different location. Sometimes you will be asked to make your own way there but often the course will provide the transport but you may have to pay.

Whilst studying Drama and English Literature I have been offered numerous trips and days out and the ones I have been able to attend have been an invaluable experience for my course.

These can vary from trips to theatres, for example, in my first year I was able to go to the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool and take part in a workshop before watching a performance, to trips to cabaret bars to watch contemporary performances. I have also visited various museums in relation to the texts I am studying and the relevant authors.

Whilst at Uni you are expected to be independent and so by this I mean the University will inform you about opportunities but it will be your responsibility to get involved. They are not going to do everything for you as this is not going to help you, but they will guide you in the right direction to making the most out of your time. The experiences and opportunities you are introduced to are endless and you will find yourself not having enough time to do them all. However, those that you can get involved in are priceless. They will be great fun but also benefit your degree too.

Make the most of being at Uni whilst you can with student deals and the ability to be able to enjoy a wide variety of different trips. Say yes to as many things as possible as they will really enrich your University experience and help you achieve the best results with your work.

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