Election Time!

Hello all, hope you’ve had a great weekend and feel ready for what the next week has in store for you!

Around campus, we’re currently suffering from election fever! The Student Union elections are currently taking place, so the campus is currently bustling and colourful, with sights such as below throughout the Uni!

I thought I’d take this chance to let people know just what the Student Union is and what they do at Edge Hill.

The EHSU are a board of current students that handle issues brought to them by other students at the Uni. These can be anything from opinions on improvements around and to the campus to ideas of events that students want to occur throughout the year. They take the students’ voices and make them have an impact on Uni life!

They also help to organise events, such as this year’s Freshers’ Week. Below are a few of the events that were on offer last September:

The Student Union Bar is located just by the Hub, which is staffed mostly by students, and run events such as Pub Quiz and Rock n Roll Bingo. The Student Union also have their own shop to sell Edge Hill hoodies, shirts, sports gear and much more!

So the SU is a huge part of student life at Edge Hill! If you were to ever have any suggestions on what can be improved at the Uni these are the people you can turn to.

If you wish to check out their website for yourself, click here, and I hope you all have a relaxing end to your Sunday night!

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