The Birds on Campus

The ducks patrol their lake by the Education building

You may or may not know that the Edge Hill ducks are essentially are mascots. The ducks that swim in our lakes are practically family, we cherish them. Living in Chancellor’s Court last year, you often see them from your window milling around the ground floor windows, hoping to persuade some student to spare some food. Failing that, they sometimes wonder into the Hub – a couple of times last year they had to be escorted out and away from Sages!

A lone Black-headed gull, idling on the lake

Apart from the ducks, campus sports a variety of birds – ranging from pigeons to moorhens. There are many gulls on campus, such as the Black-headed gull (pictured right), and I have often seen them quarreling with the ducks for food. They seem to share a truce with the pigeons though and have on occasion extended this to their more aquatic cousins.

Robin between the branches – unsure whether my lens is friend or foe
The arrogant goose claims this rock as its own

One family of birds that never seem to be messed with on campus, are the corvids. Whether they be crows, ravens, or rooks, the other birds don’t mess with them. Usually steering clear of the lakes, these birds are most often found on the greens in front of main building, but are also likely to be found around the urban parts of campus during quiet times, i.e. the path running parallel the Business building that leads down the Back Halls, or around the Health building on the weekends. Unfortunately I haven’t seen one up close in a while, but a few months back I did get very close to one perched quite happily on a bin before I even realised they were there. That’s one thing to say about the birds on campus – they sure are brave. Even the blackbirds and robins let you get pretty close before flying off. Some birds (*cough* geese *cough*) might be too brave in fact. However I think that’s just a general trait amongst geese, and not one specific to Edge Hillian birds.

Of course, we do get other animal guests to the campus, including bunnies and more than the occasional neighbouring cat!

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