Living on campus: Graduates Court

One of the best parts of first year was living on campus. In a post a few weeks ago, I said that the campus was one of the reasons I had chosen the university, but it was also definitely one of the reasons I had such a fabulous experience in my first year.

Obviously, one of the perks of living on campus is being so close to everything. I was in Graduates Court, which is the accommodation the furthest away from the launderette, but despite this (minor) annoyance, I loved being tucked away in the corner of campus.

It was quieter, for one. Part of this reason is to do with that most of the buildings in Graduates are Quiet Halls, and due to the high number of 9am sessions I had, this was particularly useful. I didn’t live on campus during placement, but I know that the teaching and nursing students were appreciative of this during that time. However, that isn’t to say we didn’t have lots of fun in Graduates because it was Quiet Halls, as often is the misconception. Best of all, I think, is that we never had to tidy up after a party!

We were all incredibly sociable too. We used to go on nights out with the whole building – all 18 of us – and having that community feel, and not always having to turn to someone you were in the same cluster (corridor) with if you needed something was nice.

Looking back, now that I live in a house with a communal bathroom, I maybe didn’t need an ensuite in my first year, but this was a massive weight off my mind when I started back in September 2015. Sometimes, if you needed to get some work done, it was nice to just shut your door for awhile and not have to leave, which having an ensuite (and a mini fridge in the wardrobe) enabled.

Obviously there are different pros and cons to every accommodation block that we offer here at Edge Hill. Some of you might really hate the thought of Quiet Halls, whilst others will be glad of it. I can assure you that, wherever you end up, you’ll have the time of your life, and that building, that room will stay within your heart for a long while, as Graduates has for me.

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