What is Chancellors Court?

As mentioned in a previous blog, one of my favourite places on campus is Chancellors Court. This, Meadon 103 to be exact, was my home in first year and I’d like to tell you a bit about it in this post.


Look how pretty it is!

Chancellors court is a relatively new set of accommodation with the most recent building being completed in 2013 (with Chancellors south added for the September 2014 intake). Chancellors court has 508 rooms and Chancellors south has 248, sounds a lot doesn’t it? But it’s still a very close community and it’s very easy to make friends. It will cost £119 a week next academic year with bills included and the buildings are all named after past Chancellors of the university: Blake, Bradshaw, Byron, Booth, Fulton, Millner, Pinfold, Tomkins, Wilson and Williams in Chancellors Court and Aitken, Jenkins, Laverty, Millins and Welch in Chancellors South.

General feelings

I Loved living on campus, Edge Hill has an ever-extending campus full of lovely student accommodation and has actually been awarded the best student accommodation in the UK by the National Student Housing Survey Awards in 2016. I was amazed at how comfortable and modern it all was, especially in comparison to my friends in other universities who were paying far more. My room was always so well insulated and the kitchen was huge and well-equipped, there was even enough room for me to practise dancing – which I definitely didn’t do (I did). Campus security always made the place safe and FM were always there to help with any technical problems – like that time I was stupid and broke my keycard AND left my phone in my room…


Me and My friends chilling during the summer back in 2015

Chancellors court is located by the Edge Hill Sport building and Creative Edge. It is also just a short walk from the hub and other main buildings on campus. It has a massive lake and the beach, which makes for lovely views, especially from the window of my old room, I miss that view! It’s also a great place to hang out, it’s aesthetically pleasing and has a lot of places to sit down around the lake. The beach is especially lovely in the summer, me and my friends made frequent use of the beach whilst studying for our final assignments in first year.


My room in first year

The bedrooms come with a tv/computer, en suite bathroom, mini fridge and lots of shelves/storage, They really have everything you could possibly need, I even had enough room to fit all my books and DVDs (I have A LOT of them). The kitchens have a lot of room and come with all the amenities you could need; toaster, fridge, freezer, cooker, kettle etc, also have a large tv so you can watch something whilst you eat. Chancellor’s south buildings have sofas and beanbags around the TV so you can be extra comfy.

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