Sculptures On The Edge

This week I thought I’d give a little visual guide to the sculptures on campus. Most of these are centred around Eastern Campus, with a few cropping up around Main Building in the centre. Some of these are right out in the open, such as “Eden” or “Bingo Bango”, whilst others are a bit more hidden away, like “For Those Afraid Of The Torch” or “Monoliths” – which I’d never actually seen until the day I took these photos! Sometimes all it takes is a sense of purpose, to see what was in front of you the whole time.

One of my personal favourites, is our very own “Bingo Bango”, made of welded steel by Robert Scriven – many times have I walked through campus at night and had to do a little double-take, forgetting they were there. I’m also very fond of “Grazing Sow” and “Goat”, who both reside near bio-sciences, so I see them on my walk in every day as well.

Having these pieces of artwork dotting mostly the green spaces of our university campus really adds charm to the place and makes it feel more homely. I may not be an artist myself, but I sure do appreciate their presence here.

(Click the links below for a larger view!)

You can also pick up a guide from the main reception that will take you on a trail to see all of these sculptures and MORE!

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