Pro’s of Living Away for Three Years!

So living away from home is a big deal when choosing which University to go to! You have to make sure you choose a University where you will enjoy the course and every other aspect of the Uni! One of the most important things is the accommodation if you have chosen to move away from home! This isn’t a decision you need to commit to for the full three years (if you live close enough to commute that is!), so don’t worry if you think you may change your mind for years 2 and 3!

So what are the pro’s of moving into halls in first year?!

  • Halls is sooo convenient for uni! Sometimes you don’t really value this until you move off campus- so enjoy it!
  • You can wake up later than you would it you decide to commute (you will be thankful on those frosty mornings!)
  • The cost for accommodation includes bills (something you might not get if you move into private accommodation).
  • This is one of the places where you’re likely to make some good friends for life!

And, is there any reason to move into a house in your second or third year? Here are the pro’s I found┬ámoving into private accommodation!

  • You can walk to and from uni, meaning your getting your steps in, keeping healthy when you might not be cooking (or ordering!) the ‘right’ things!
  • You can choose who you live with, if that’s friends from your course or halls from first year!
  • You might even be lucky enough to have a washing machine in your house (posh!), instead of going to the launderette!
  • You can still have that independent lifestyle away from home.
  • If you move into Ormskirk you’re near to the night life! (No more three pound taxi fares!).

Either way, whatever you choose, make sure it’s the right decision for you!

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