Wellbeing at University

Thursday 2nd March was University Mental Health Day 2017 and to celebrate and promote this Edge Hill held a Feel Good Festival. As part of the festival the university brought in all kinds stands, entertainment and activities to encourage student wellbeing whilst in higher education.

The aim of the day is to allow students to understand that we all have mental health and how we look after this is important as it can fluctuate from day to day. The aim of this years Mental Health Day was active mental health and had 5 key aims which were:

1. Open up conversations about the relationship between mental and physical wellbeing. 

2. Give students and staff a chance to organise social contact activities that are open to all. 

3. Encourage students to build supportive social networks through activity.

4. Inspire students to put steps into place to include activity in their lives to support their mental and physical health. 

5. Increase awareness of support for those experiencing mental health difficulties that pose specific challenges around physical activity.

The event encouraged these aims by promoting Edge Hill sport memberships, having give it a go activities including table tennis and a bouncy castle as well as signposting to services such as student services.

The event gives people who may not have already had contact with services such as health and wellbeing the chance to reach out and find out more information about how they can help with any issues or problems you might have whilst you are at university to give you the best experience possible. In order to assist you in finding the help you need the university have produced this information to put you in the right direction

As well as the stalls providing information on mental health services run by the university, there was also a petting zoo, live music and plenty of freebies to be taken of advantage of. From the map of the stalls you can see just how much was on offer for students and staff

In addition to the stalls there was also a range of workshops and talks from organisations including Student Minds, Everton in the Community and State of Mind.

Overall the aim of the day is to get staff and students to co-operate together to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health encouraging and signposting students to services that the university has to offer and reaching out to show support. As well as being a fun event it is important to remember the importance of mental heath particularly in higher education and recognise the importance of noticing the signs of mental illness and what can be done to support

For more information about mental health the following websites have a lot of guidance and support and are contributors to University Mental Health Day 2017:







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