First Year Film and Television Production Overview!

Disclaimer: Film and Television Production is a weird and wonderful course that’s always changing to keep up to date with the ever-changing media world around us, thus changing the modules and structure. To summarise: What I do/have experienced in my course might not be the same experience you’d have if you joined the course as the course is always reshaping itself.
Okay so now the formalities are out of the way, welcome to my course!

Film and television has always been my passion from a young age. Growing up I watched every kids program on air and every VHS given to me, which led to a lot of digging through my family’s collection of VHS to search for ones I hadn’t watched yet. So this course seemed perfect for me as I’m still the same to this day!  
The course is split up into a variety of modules over the academic year so I’ve decided the best way to do this is to list the modules I studied and tell you what I think about them. Before I start, all of my first-year modules were compulsory and I will be referring to the module overview on the Edge Hill website.

First Semester

Screening of my film for Production 1.

Production Skills:
This is, as you’d guess, the first production piece I had to create. This piece has a distinct theme, as it is the infamous “Coffee and Cigarettes”. Ask any media production student about this and see the horror in their faces, as this film is a right of passage which most the media courses at Edge Hill have to do. Fortunately, mine was quite successful, as were most people’s surprisingly, as this task is a tester at the end of the day, it’s there to allow you to get to grips with the equipment and teaches you how to work in a group. I feel like I learned quite a bit from this task as I had limited knowledge of the equipment that we used for this task before this assignment.

Creative Ideas
This module was super fun in my opinion as it allowed us to let our creativity flow as the main goal of the module was to create a portfolio of ideas which could later be turned into films. Each week we’d learn a new technique of how to generate ideas which ranged from visiting art galleries to looking into philosophy. And at the end of it all, you’re left with a book of original ideas which can be used in your future productions!  

First & Second Semester 
History in Context:
This module is the main theory component in the first year of the course and runs through the whole of the first year unlike the other modules. Surprisingly enough I liked this module, I myself am not a theory kind of person, I’m more hands on and practical, however, this module taught me to love theory, as I learnt about how film and tv has developed over the years, I came to appreciate how far the medium had come and how it influences modern day media. Context is everything after all.

Second Semester 
Production 2:

Inside Creative Edge

Onto the second film I had to create, which was a three to five minute film about anything we liked. Unlike the first production, this film had no theme and was not limited to certain camera shots, which allowed for a lot more creativity. This task inspired most groups to aim for 5 minutes which gave us a lot of experience about teamwork and planning in itself. The film my group created was very ambitions which made it harder to create, but at the same time gave us the chance to try whatever we wanted as the marks didn’t really count, so there was a lot less pressure overall. This project also helped to encourage people to specialise in their chosen skill, mine being editing. 



Storytelling for the Screen:
Finally, the last module I studied was ‘storytelling for the screen’, which is basically screenwriting 101. I loved this module as I excel at screenwriting, and learning how to format everything really helped me in the long run.

Overall the first year of my course was quite informative. There were times when I felt like giving up, but overall I love university way too much to do that, and I’m glad that I did stick around!
I hope you found this helpful or learned something new from this.
Until next time!

Film/Show of the day: Battle Royale (2000)


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