Hello all! Hope you had a lovely week last week, and a lovely beginning to this week.

As a BA(Hons) Performing Arts student, I expected to be learning some new skills, but never realised I’d be doing some of the stuff I have done! And each of the things I’m about to list are things that, although unexpected, were very enjoyable and something I look back on now and have happy memories of exploring!


1) Spending two hours a week training in juggling!

As a part of the Performance Skills module, I had the option to choose what skill we had explored in workshops I wanted to create a 5-10 minute act to perform. One of the things that my friends would tell you straight away about me if you asked would be that I am a highly uncoordinated individual… but I thought I’d jump straight in the deep end and learn to juggle! And not just juggling balls, batons, hoops and scarves have been included in the line up. Needless to say, I haven’t quite got the hang of it yet- I can juggle three balls! (for a maximum of 2 seconds…)- but I’m still learning and although I act infuriated every time I drop something, it’s actually a great and fun skill to learn!


2) Workshops with two professional clowns

Along a similar line to juggling, over the past month I’ve attended two 4 hours workshops with professional and touring clowns!

The first workshop I attended was with Lucho Guzmán, who also performed his show Ceniza at the Arts Centre a couple of days later.

Lucho in Ceniza

The second workshop was with Frank Wurzinger, who had performed his show Goodbye Günther in September at the Arts Centre.

Frank in Goodbye Günther

What I loved the most about these workshops was learning about a style of performance I hadn’t ever had a chance to explore before. Both clowns had different styles of working and different opinions on what clowning was all about, which was interesting to see and work around!


3) Building a 4ft monster puppet

In my Visual Theatre module, we were focusing on the book Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. Within Visual Theatre, one of the many techniques is puppetry. So, we were set on the task of creating our own puppets of the monsters! As they were to be manned by three different people, they turned out pretty large! And my group’s puppet wasn’t the best looker, as you can see below!

Our puppet based on one of the monsters from Where The Wild Things Are


So amongst the many exciting things I’ve done since September, those are the three I didn’t expect upon arriving at Edge Hill.

If you have any question about any of the things I’ve mentioned, drop me a comment! 🙂

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